Écrit en 2015 et enregistré en 2018, le titre Together Connected exprime le lien et la connexion entre le monde qui nous entoure et sois même.


In two

Geri LeBlanc draws from the folk and the blues in order to offer her own composition since 2015. The music accompanies her since her childhood, It is her older brother, who is a member of a local band in Acadie, who shared his passion for the music. In October 2015, after she traveled in the world for a long time et played with a plenty of musicians, she sings with Trad’Acadie and Bluesy’s musicians at the festival named Day Mons in Belgium.

Three years later, accompanied by Pascal Ducourtouix and by Vincent Imbert, she records four of her compositions in a studio. The same year, she carries out a crowdfunding campaign in order to fund the promotion of her music tracks and the realization of a video clip. At this time, Geri LeBlanc has composed more than fifty songs.


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